About The Strengthened Heart

If you find yourself wanting to deepen your walk with God, or find some encouraging words to get you through the week, or just discover some different ways to enrich your life and outlook as a Christian, then you’ve landed on the right site! Just sign-up to receive my weekly blog posts.

I’ve been walking with God as a Christian for over 30 years, and have been involved in discipleship ministry for 20 years. I study discipleship and ways to help people deepen and strengthen their walk with God. I’ve volunteered or been on part time staff with several men’s ministry’s in the US and have written an e-book titled, “Discipleship Magnets.” I use the e-book, workbook and videos to help churches deepen their strategic discipleship ministry to men. Click on the “Discipleship Magnets” tab to find out more. And, please reach out to me if you have questions about ways to implement a sustainable discipleship ministry to the men in your church. I’d like to help in anyway I can!

Over the years, I have studied through three tremendous resources that have catapulted my faith and walk with God. Everything from topics of the heart, how to succeed in life as a Christian, and a mans calling in life. All three of these topics, when studied through together, strengthens and deepens a persons walk with God. And I felt led to write and about these topics and give my spin and take on things. So, have a look around and please reach out.