Discipleship Magnets

Free Resources to Build Your Discipleship Ministry

Discipleship Magnets was written and designed to help you and your church build an effective and sustainable men’s discipleship ministry. All of our training is built around the discipleship series, Every Man a Warrior. Please take a look around and reach out if you have questions. I’m here to help in any way I can.

These FREE resources help introduce the basics of building a sustainable discipleship ministry for the men in your church. Principles taught in this training help you ask the right questions and look at the men’s discipleship activities you offer in a new light, reaching every man in your church!

Please download the e-book below, then watch the 3 video’s. When your done, gather a few key men at your church and study through the Discipleship Magnets workbook. After completing the workbook, you will have a ministry plan designed to reach every man in your church using key resources like Every Man A Warrior.

Watch the 3 part video series

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All materials are free to download and use.

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