We ended up getting 14.5 inches of snow!

It’s Sunday evening, and everyone’s in bed and I just got back from a long walk. We are anticipating 12-18 inches of snow! And I know I won’t be able to sleep much tonight. I get fired up when severe weather is eminent. The schools have already canceled and the city will most likely be shut down. I love it when this happens, feels like Christmas morning as a kid.

I remember growing up in Kansas City waiting by the radio to hear that our school made the list of cancelations.  The DJ’s slowly read the school names from an alphabetical list. And when they finally announced our schools name, our entire house erupted with cheers of joy!  It’s the same with my house today. My son is still at home and is a junior in highschool. And just tonight the school closings started showing up on the tv and we all cheered when his made the screen.

Anticipation really does the heart good. What are you anticipating these days? A vacation? Seeing a loved one you haven’t seen since Covid hit? Some of my friends in sales are anticipating going back to work. Many of my friends in sales haven’t been able to see customers face to face because of the pandemic. For some, it’s been almost a year since they have left the house to work. I can’t imagine. I’m anticipating the day I can see my mom again in KC. 

This afternoon, my wife and I decided to schedule a few three day weekends. We scheduled one three day weekend a month through March. Once my wife brought the idea up and we scheduled the days, I started getting pretty fired up about it. It just simply gives us something to look forward to.

This morning my pastor was preaching on the book of Revelation and he was talking about end times and it made me anticipate heaven. It’s been awhile since I have spent time thinking about our eternal home with God. It’s going to be unbelievable. Unlike anything we can imagine. I’m anticipating our hearts will be completely alive and whole. And, I’m sure we will be completely healed from any health issues we had on earth. Even our relationships will be made whole. 

In Heaven, we will also be living in all the original “glory” God had in mind for our lives. Isn’t that awesome! Just think about that. We will be fully engaged in every spiritual gift God designed us to use. I can’t imagine. I’m sure because of sin or some wound or agreement I’ve made over the years, that there is something about me that I just haven’t discovered yet. But, in Heaven, it will be revealed, and it will be evident and for all to enjoy.

Think of the people who should have been pastors or disciple makers, or church planters, but today, they just missed it. They somehow missed that one thing God had in mind for them. But hey, in Heaven, their gifting and roles will be revealed, and we will all get to enjoy their God given glory!

What a cool thing to think about. Makes me desire Gods presence, as I sit here waiting for the big snow storm. Anticipation really does strengthen our hearts in Christ Jesus!