Thermometers and Thermostats

I’ve been studying the life lived from the heart for a awhile, and it’s interesting, I’m finding as I write these blogs, I’m allowing myself to deeply internalize different concepts I’m learning and studying. I’m just slowing down, praying and walking with God as I navigate the journey I’m on. And, it’s been good!

To discover different topics for this blog, I started following a few pastors and teachers. Dr. Robert Jeffress is one of the pastors I’ve been following. I found him on Fox News and enjoy the fired up way he presents the gospel and Christian worldview today.

He posted the other day about the difference between a thermostat and a thermometer. And, his post was life-changing for me! Literally! The insight I’m about to write about here will change the way you daily live your life. At least it has for me.

So, over the years, I have found the way I respond and react to different situations I find myself in interpersonally, depends on if I react like a thermostat or a thermometer.

Let me explain. A thermometers job is to react to the environment it’s placed in. This last year I bought a Weber bullet smoker and I’ve been learning how to smoke meat. To measure and cook my meats properly I have to ensure the meat is cooked to the proper temperature. So I bought a bluetooth thermometer and watch the temperature rise on my iPhone! Great technology. The thermometer does what it’s designed to do, it measures and reacts to the temperature of the environment it’s placed in. And if it’s hot, the temperature rises!

On the contrary, we remodeled our home about five years ago and installed a new thermostat. It works by regulating the temperature of our house! It’s in control, and controls the environment!

Thermometers react to the environment it finds itself in, and thermostats control the environment!

Which one are you? Are you a thermometer, and react to heated environments as the temperature of life heats up interpersonally, or are you a thermostat, and control the environment?

Profound insight isn’t it? Thanks Dr. Jeffress for the deep insight.

Me, I have tended to be a thermometer! No surprise there probably! But, man, after learning this lesson, I’m going to work hard at becoming a thermostat!

Praying about this post and how it relates to us living in the Four Streams of life, I can think of numerous times in my life I wish I could take back and rest in all my thermostat glory! Can you relate?

Whether it’s marriage, pressure at work, our finances or even navigating friendships, the way we act or react in all these circumstances really is in our control.

And I’ve said this many times this year in my posts, but I’m going to say it again, if I’m going to live my life as a thermostat, and try to control my environment, or at least practice self control, I have to be walking closely with God in and through the Holy Spirit. It all starts there, walking and abiding with God. Daily digging into God’s Word and allowing Him to bring my heart peace.

So, as the temperatures start rising this Spring, let your thermostat control your environment! As for the thermometers, well, let those bad boys alone, and measure the temps as they rise! My smoking and cooking still needs a little work. I wonder if Dr. Jeffress has any good recipes?


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