Habits Continued

What stories do I need to let go of so I can walk freely? 3-2-1 newsletter by James Clear

I’m into my “habit” journey about 2-3 weeks now.

And it’s been interesting. You remember me mentioning I have a few habits I’ve hung onto over the years? I’m simply letting the story go.

What an Interesting concept. As I’m sitting here working out this blog post, and what I want to say, I’m struck by how simple that thought is, “let the story go.”

I have a buddy, he knows who he is, he asks sometimes, “So, when aren’t we wounded anymore? Does a time come when the wound and message just isn’t part of who we are anymore?”

Great question, one I’m going to have to ponder a bit. But, since I’ve stopped identifying as a few things, and leaning on some habits, I am tending to think, I’m letting go. The wounds are no longer a crutch. The power of the message is evaporating. Not that they really were a crutch, but I’m sure some think wounds and issues of the heart can be seen as crutches and excuses.

But, the power of the history that came with the wounds, the words, the piercing of the soul, the story, they are diminishing. And, as I contemplate the new story, through the new habits I’m generating, I want to identify with that guy. I want to walk in the new story!

Isn’t that the gospel of restoration though? Jesus came to restore all things, even the stories I’m hanging onto that might make me want to lean on an old habit for comfort.

I had dinner a few nights ago with my brother, and we were talking about consistency and our walk with God. We concluded, consistency is hard. Why is that?

It’s sin. It’s what Jesus died for. So, repent, and walk with Jesus. Allow Jesus to help you let go of the old stories. And create some new ones, and tie some cool new habits to who you really are in Christ!

Yes, identify with that guy! This habit journey has been fun to experiment with. I hope you might join me. It’s strengthening my heart.