Pond Scum

“They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:25‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Researching for this blog has given me opportunities to review topics I haven’t studied in awhile or even at all. Like, did we really evolve from pond scum like Darwinism claims?

Back at UMKC, to study evolution I had to go to the campus library and try and figure out how to use the card catalog and the Dewey Decimal system to find books and articles, and let’s just say I lost patience quickly! University research was not my spiritual gift!

So, It’s been awhile since I’ve read up on the topic. Growing up, like most young men, I wasn’t much of a reader. So, I didn’t have a good grasp on what I believed about the world, politics, religion or really much of anything. Other than how cool the Fonzie was on Happy Days!

But, back in the late 70’s and 80’s we didn’t have iPhones to look up and research whatever we wanted at a moments notice. So, I have no idea how the Fonz calculated his ski jump over those dangerous sharks!

However, over the last several weeks I have been reviewing some evidence around creationism verses evolution. And it’s so convenient to pick up my phone and search some things, and review books I’ve downloaded. I love the 21st century!

The stats and anecdotes I’ve reviewed are so profound, I just had to share them.

Over the last couple weeks I had a couple of you comment offline wishing I had dug a little deeper into what people are actually believing about extraterrestrial life and what the church is exploring about the topic. So, I thought I would share a few facts and statistics about why we Bible believing Creationists believe the Bible should be the final authority around why the earth is special, and why God created us each uniquely and what a miracle it actually is that a simple cell exists. Verses evolution.

Just to preface my post, I have taken the liberty to cut and paste a few things from a book I’m reading that does a fantastic job at explaining this topic. So, here we go!

“Extraterrestrial life is an evolutionary concept; it does not comport with the biblical teachings of the uniqueness of the earth and the distinct spiritual position of human beings. Of all the worlds in the universe, it was the earth that God Himself visited, taking on the additional nature of a human being, dying on a cross, and rising from the dead in order to redeem all who would trust in Him.”

The biblical worldview sharply contrasts with the secular worldview when it comes to alien life. So, which worldview does the scientific evidence support? Do modern observations support the secular notion that the universe is teeming with life, or the biblical notion that earth is unique?

“So far, no one has discovered life on other planets or detected any radio signals from intelligent aliens. This is certainly what a biblical creationist would expect. Secular astronomers continue to search for life on other worlds, but they have found only rocks and inanimate matter. Their radio searches are met with silence. The real world is the biblical world—a universe designed by God with the earth at the spiritual focal point, not an evolutionary universe teeming with life.”

When it comes to extraterrestrial life, science is opposed to the evolutionary mentality. We currently have no evidence of alien life-forms. This problem is not lost on the secular scientists. It has been said that the atomic scientist Enrico Fermi was once discussing the topic of extraterrestrial life when he asked the profound question, “Where is everybody?” Excerpt From: Ufo’s: The Great Last Days Deception. By Billy Crone

Great points! So, where are all these aliens in all their evolutionary glory? Well, nowhere. And it’s because they don’t exist.

Billy Crone believes, again, they are demonic. And what our Navy and Airforce pilots are seeing are fallen angels, or demons.

Think about it. How do angels appear historically in the Bible? They just appear and then disappear. And so do these so called space ships. It’s not like the Hubble Space telescope is noticing these ships pass by Venus and our government then announces their arrival! No, they just appear and then disappear. Just as angels do in the Old And New Testament.

So, alien life forms and spaceships from another planet are just lies designed by evolutionists to deceive the unbelieving world.

Hang with me here, because I’m going to write about the absolute absurdity evolutionists believe, and how simple logic refutes this lie using a few logical real world examples.

1. “Logic of Mt. Rushmore:

Now, let us apply some logical questions to the formation of the world’s largest rock group, on Mount Rushmore. Ask any evolutionist these logical questions. “Do you believe that there is any way these faces of Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lincoln could have appeared on this rock by chance? Do you think the wind did that? Or do you think erosion did it? Or how about exfoliation? Or what about thermal expansion of the rock?” If you ask them what caused those faces to appear on Mount Rushmore, they would obviously say that they were designed by someone.

And of course, they were, by an artist named Gutzon Borglum. But then ask them this question, “Do you believe that the men represented here happened by chance?” If they believed in evolution, they would have to say “yes.” And then say, “Now, wait a minute, you don’t think that their face could appear on a rock by chance, but you do think that their whole complex anatomy, with 50 trillion cells, could happen by chance?”

“And then ask them, “How many years would it take for these figures to appear on the side of this mountain by chance? Millions of years? Billions of years? Given 100 trillion years, could these figures eventually form on the side of the mountain?” Obviously, the evolutionist would say it’s impossible no matter how much time you give it. But then ask them. “But isn’t that how you say we got here after billions of years of chance, even though we’re incredibly more complex than the faces on Mount Rushmore?”

“So, the logical conclusion is that just the faces on Mount Rushmore had to be designed, how much more then was the human body designed?” Billy Crone

I’ll continue this discussion next week with even more compelling and awesome examples that dispel the evolutionists theory.

Until then, I do hope and pray these blog posts strengthen and deepen your walk with God!