Time On Our Hands

It has been inspiring to witness the space race between Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. Their rockets flew 62 miles above planet earth and then made flawless landings all on autopilot!

They are both exciting accomplishments. They say the next step is a flight around the earth and then family vacations to the space station maybe even by the end of this decade! I’ll ask my wife to start a new line item in the family budget.

What a tremendous illustration of what a human being can do with big dreams, deep pockets and time on their hands.

The rocket launches made me think about what I’m doing with my time. Jeff Bezos is in his late 50’s and worth over 200 billion dollars, so the sky pretty much is the limit, literally, to the things he can dream up to accomplish.

But, isn’t that true for us too?

I mentioned in an earlier post I have extra time in the evenings these days, and have been digging up some old hobbies. None of them include space travel, but I’m feeling the need to dream a little bigger than golf!

As I’m sitting here writing my thoughts out, and thinking about this post, I’m reminded of a series of posts I’ve been reading from an author I follow. And the last several weeks he has been writing about, gulp, hell!

I then read another authors post that touched on the same topic. Then later that night, I was watching Sean Hannity and he interviewed a guy who claimed he died and went to hell. Yikes!

I felt as if God was trying to get my attention around the topic! So, I shared the Gospel with myself, again, just to make sure I’m good to go! Never too late to invest in some good fire insurance!

After witnessing Bezos launch into space and then giving the topic of the after life some thought, I’m concluding our eternal destiny is what really matters. Space travel is super cool and fascinating, but our eternal destiny is even more so.

I am also reminded of my last post and the fact that more people believe in UAP’s than believe that Jesus walked the face of the earth.

We really do have a lot of work to do as evangelists and disciple makers. So, when you think of all the time you have left on this planet, prayerfully consider all those who don’t believe, or who do believe, but don’t know what or why they believe.

I guess when I really think about the time I have left on earth, I think about my calling. My calling to help my brothers and sisters in Christ simply deepen their walk with God. It’s just where my heart goes.

Where does your heart go when you dream with God? I think wherever you begin to dream is a way God is speaking to you.

I can’t imagine all it takes to get a rocket into space, it’s bigger than my brain can fathom. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But, I do know where to start to be ready to share the faith that lies within me to those that God has prepared to listen.

Do you?

Prayerfully hoping this strengthens your heart in Christ,