Dreaming with God

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9 NIV

I have been walking with God for 31 years now, and if there is one thing I’m learning, it’s that God will have His way!

His will is good and perfect for us. Thank God He knows what’s best. As I sit here thinking about all the plans I’ve made, I’m reminded of all the ways God has said yes and the times He has said, nope, Matt, that is not what I have for you…or not yet!

I’ve had many dreams over the years. Some have even included full time church work, which my wife always tells me I’d hate. Mostly because I don’t like church planning meetings and having to do things the “political” churchy way.

I’m more of a free spirit really. I have enjoyed the freedom of dreaming with God as a lay person in the church. It allows me the freedom to really “do” the in the trenches ministry I sense God wants me doing.

And I can definitely see how God has had His hand in my career. I began my pursuit in the medical field over 25 years ago. I started as an EMT. And then landed a job in the emergency room as a tech. Great gig! I then felt led to become a nurse, yes, I was a male nurse. Let the jokes fly. I’ve heard them all!

As a nurse, I simply enjoyed helping people in their biggest time of need, in a trauma room. It was an interesting time in my life. I saw more as a trauma room nurse than I ever thought possible. I still can’t believe the situations people got themselves in.

Then, I met a few pharmaceutical reps, and learned about the drug business. I thought, Lord, I could do that. That was 20 years ago, just this month.

I landed a job as a salesman and moved my young family to Nebraska in 2001. Dreaming with God will take you to some interesting places, for sure.

But Nebraska has been amazing. And God has shown up in countless ways. This sales job has allowed me to minister in ways I never could have dreamed of. Because I don’t have an office to report to, but drive all over the state of Nebraska, I get to meet new people almost every day, much like a missionary. Every day is a new day as a salesman and you never know who’s path you are going to cross.

Over the years, I have prayed with customers, and have shared my faith with people who are curious about things. Sales has enabled me to not only provide for my family, but use my resources to fund countless ministry adventures that have ministered to hundreds of people over the years. It really has been an amazing ride with God as I think about it. I never could have imagined that my passion to lead people to God, could be accomplished through a sales job. It’s definitely not the way I thought it would happen. But God did. Brings my heart peace just thinking about all He has done.

God established my steps before I was even born. I have dreams and plans, but God realizes them the way He sees fit. It actually takes the pressure off if you think about it. Just now, remembering all that God has done increases my faith in Him and strengthens my heart. Brings me peace knowing He knows what’s best for me. All I have to do is abide in Him and just walk closely with Him in the Spirit. And He will lead me to my next assignment. Whatever it may be.

He is doing this for you too. So, dream big!

Hopefully it doesn’t include church board meetings! Now, sales meetings; those are a lot more fun! God knows what He’s doing!