The Second Stream: Receiving God’s Intimate Counsel

Second Stream: Receiving God’s Intimate Counsel

“Remember, the purpose of this thing called the Christian life is that our hearts might be restored and set free. That’s the deal. That’s what Jesus came to do, by his own announcement. Jesus wants Life for us, Life with a capital L, and that Life comes to us through our hearts.” Excerpt FromWaking the Dead

“I want to be careful, lest I have painted a wrong picture here. This stream of Counseling doesn’t just flow to us directly from Christ, only from him. It flows through his people as well. We need others—and need them deeply. Yes, the Spirit was sent to be our Counselor. Yes, Jesus speaks to us personally. But often he works through another human being. The fact is, we are usually too close to our lives to see what’s going on. Because it’s our story we’re trying to understand, we sometimes don’t know what’s true or false, what’s real and imagined. We can’t see the forest for the trees. It often takes the eyes of someone to whom we can tell our story, bare our souls. The more dire our straits, the more difficult it can be to hear directly from God.”Excerpt FromWaking the DeadJohn Eldredge

We have been assaulted and wounded in so many ways over the years, it’s relieving to know Jesus came for more than to just save us from our sin. I’m in my 50’s and I’m still dealing with assaults against my heart as a kid. I bet you are too.

For example, as a kid, I’ve received what some call father wounds, friend wounds, wounds from ex girlfriends. The list is long. When those wounds come, a message is usually delivered. For me, there is a theme. I am not worthy.

I’ll get into the wound and messages we receive on another blog, but for me, there is a theme. I feel a lack of Worthiness and a lack of validation from people. And if my heart isn’t aware enough in the situation or if I’m having a bad day, I simply agree to the false message. I’m not worthy. And you can imagine the outcome. Not good. Can you relate? Many of us can.

So, the stream of counsel. In the book of Isaiah, it says Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free. Sometimes these wounds and false messages create bondage in our lives when we agree to the false message.

So Jesus heals.

For most of us, it’s not that easy. And we need the trusted “counsel” from a good friend. I have a trusted Band of Brothers I have spent years with who I know very well. And they “know” me well! They know how I’ve been wounded, they know the messages I have received from the enemy. And they know in what ways and when I tend to make agreements to those false messages. So, we sit across from each other and we talk. We offer deep restorative counsel to each other.

Sometimes life and the messages bombard us and we can’t see the forest for the trees, and we need the trusted counsel and insight from a good friend who knows our story to bring clarity. This, this is the stream of counsel that is needed in our lives, that when brought bring clarity and helps re strengthen our hearts as Christians.

Recently, I’ve been leaning on old habits. So, I sought a good and trusted friend to lean in on what was festering. We studied through a series of books together and through deep conversation and counsel, brought restoration to what was ailing me.

What occurred could never have happened with somebody that didn’t know me and my story and heart well. In the end, my trusted friend brought counsel that brought clarity deep to my soul and heart. Today, I feel my heart is more strong around what was bothering me.

Do you have a Band of Brothers or women that know you and your story? Do you trust them deep enough with your heart to allow them to bring the clarity so desperately needed that brings life once again to your soul?

I pray you find these trusted warriors in your life. They can bring the stream of Gods deep counsel and Jesus’ restoration to your heart. It’s so good.

Next time I’ll dig into the stream of restoration or healing.