The Restorative Work of God

Winter. I love winter! You might remember we got a 15 inch one time snow this year, and it was awesome!

I love everything about snow! The cold, the beauty of it. I love going on long walks in the evening when everyone is inside warm, and it’s just me and the falling snow. It’s peaceful and makes me feel alive!

However, there comes a time when I’ve had enough. Winter can get long. I begin to long for the trees to bloom their leaves, and my gardens to spring back to life in my backyard.

I enjoy mowing the yard too. I try to make it as green as possible and trim straight edges along my sidewalk and make every line as straight as possible with my mower. I also love yelling at the kids who ride their bikes in my yard and mess up my perfect lines of joy! Ha! There is something about the restoration of my yard every Spring, that also makes me come alive.

Restoration brings a newness to life and I long for the change that comes with it.

I just read a blog post about this topic and was reminded, that’s what Jesus’ offer really is. Restoration. The blind can see, the deaf hear again, some in the Bible were even raised from the dead! That’s some serious restoration! Can you imagine witnessing Jesus restore these people?

But, all of this makes me desire the continued restoration of my heart and life in Christ.

There are seasons in my life when I feel restored and made new and then seasons when it feels like the fourth month of Winter and I long for Spring to come and a fresh newly restored outlook on life. I’m sure we all feel this way at times.

We just spent a weekend with some good friends and they are selling their house, packing things up and moving to a new state! It’s a big move, but they are fired up about it. Their move feels like moving from Winter to Spring for them. And we are excited for their new adventure!

What restoration are you longing for these days? Does your heart need restoring? How about your career, or your marriage or relationship with your children? I believe it’s never too late to allow God to bring deep restoration to whatever you want Him to.

The changing seasons in the Midwest are incredible reminders of Gods power to restore all things!

I do hope and pray what you are longing to have restored is made new! Made new through Jesus’ offer to restore all things.

I’m sure those kids I yell at need some restoring to. I’ll apologize when Spring comes.