I tend to get lazy at times and do things half way. And I know when I am, and it weakens my heart. So, I fight to bring excellence. Excellence in my walk with God. Excellence to my family. Excellence to my work and to this blog.

Sometimes, when I’m fired up about something, I just get in a hurry, and neglect to do things in their proper order and then present a half baked product to the table. Then regret sneaks in and that old worthiness wound I’ve written about.

So, to combat this, I’m attempting to slow down, and take my time with things. I’m learning to let things simmer, knowing the end result will not be half baked but flavorful as my thoughts and even my life is allowed to impact those around me.

An old friend I’ve listened to on the radio past away this month. He was the most listened to radio talk show host in the history of radio. And he was good, and very entertaining.

His broadcasting company was named, “Excellence in Broadcasting.” And he was excellent.

Since his passing, we have learned some inside scoop on how he lived his life and daily brought excellence to his radio show.

He woke early, and began show prep hours and days before each show. He made his job look easy, but today, we know it’s because he brought excellence to his trade.

As I think about my heart, and how my daily actions affect my mood and things, I’m reminded of my radio show buddy. And how even a small thing like bringing excellence to what we do each and every day, will bring my heart in Christ strength. Why? Because I want to bring my best everyday to the things I feel God wants me doing with my time on earth. And when I do this, my heart just feels good.

But, for me to do this, I have to walk and abide in Christ. I think God wants our hearts full of Him, and His grace and love and the peace that comes from walking with Him. And when I’m in the Spirit, it makes me desire to be excellent in the daily tasks I set out to do.

It’s interesting how all these little things in life always tend to fall back on our walk with God.

But, it brings me peace knowing God is in all things and even cares about excellence and me bringing my best everyday.

I do hope and pray you consider bringing excellence to the things God has you doing everyday, it does strengthen our heart!


2 thoughts on “Excellence”

  1. What a great post Matt… Excellence, like everything else, has to be prepared for. The more we pay attention to the details that derail us, the easier it will be to defend against those leanings. Excellence shouldn’t be a goal for us because we are always BECOMING more excellent in how we live – it is all the little decisions and choices we make that encourage an excellent life. Growing into the men we were intended to be is a worthy endeavor – in this we will all journey to be EXCELLENT! cpr

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