God’s Creation and Beauty Strengthens the Heart

Mount Holy Cross, CO

“He was born in the summer of his 27th year

Coming home to a place he’d never been before

He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again

You might say he found a key for every door.” John Denver, Rocky Mountain High

I remember like it was yesterday, driving down I-70 on our way to Denver, CO. We were in a church choir tour. I had never been west of Kansas City, MO.

We were on a tour bus and the adults were telling us we would be able to see the mountains soon in the horizon. I couldn’t wait! I had seen pictures of the mountains, but I had never witnessed their glory in person!

On that trip we didn’t get a chance to take the mountains in or experience the high country mountain air, but I saw them.

Later in life, I couldn’t wait to go back!

And in highschool and college and as an adult, I have snow skied, snow mobiled, snow shoed, white water rafted, hiked, camped deep in the mountains, and we have climbed several 14,000 foot mountains. I have taken in all the glory and majesty the Colorado Rocky mountains have to offer, other than live there.

So, once hearing John Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High, I knew what John was writing about. “He was born in the summer of his 27th year, coming home to a place he had never been before.”

Experiencing Gods beauty in the mountains makes my heart feel born again!

Today, it’s been several years since I’ve taken in the mountains and Gods creation out west, and my heart longs for their beauty, just like I long to see an old friend.

Sometimes, on my long walks, I reminisce about the adventures we have taken over the years in the mountains.

I remember the first time we set a date to climb our first 14er. We prepared for months. It was going to be a 5 day hike and camping trip with two good buddies.

To prepare we trained, we would pack our back packs and hike our neighborhood, just to strengthen our legs and get used to what was ahead.

The big day came and we loaded my truck with all of our gear, filled our coffee mugs and hit the road. Again, driving down the interstate we came up on the mountains in the horizon! My heart leapt! I couldn’t wait to get to our trailhead and begin our trek to 7 finger lakes where we were to set up camp.

Once at camp we set the tents up loaded our day packs and headed out into Gods country!

The trip was amazing, I remember on this trail hiking up through this meadow the trail led up through this ridge and the trail twisted and turned and we came up on this elk, just for us! We were no more than literally five feet away from this majestic beast! Later, higher in the trail we saw hawks soaring through this beautiful canyon riding the wind in circles. Of course we had to stop and watch the marmots playing on the rocks looking for food. And the smell of the pines and the fresh mountain air brought life to my soul.

We peaked Mount Holy Cross that day, and found a place to rest and take a nap. And it began to snow on us.

We just laid there taking in Gods glory and beauty! It was an adventure I’ll never forget! My heart felt alive and born again, like the song goes.

Times like these fill our hearts with strength. I think they are gifts God gives us with Him, to remember and ponder when life deals us something difficult to endure.

Gods creation and beauty strengthens our heart. Makes me thankful.


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  1. I feel the same way about those mountains Matt! I feel the longing as well “to come home”! Thanks for sharing all of that!

    • Hey Adam. Thanks for commenting bro. The mountains have a strong pull in my heart. It’s been good to reorient to these topics of the heart and talk and write about them. Have you guys been on any adventures as a family lately?

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